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  1. hi;
    i have heart and other serous health problems;my daughter just moved back into my home for a while bring her two cats with her; i have a cat too,a male.anyways her youngest cat got pregent by my cat and now when she pops it stimks something bad..which afects my breathing and her son’s as well.but my daughter thinks there is nothing wrong with her son and i having to smell this smell..i tried explaining to her that people with serous health problems will only get worse if forced to smell such but she thinks iam being the bad guy here am i wrong here? i asked her to take her cat to the vet to have her checked out,she refuses,and expects me and her son to put up with it..whos wrong here?

    • Cat love says:

      You’re both wrong for not sterilizing your cats in the first place. There is no excuse not to, also, if there’s a bad smell, your cats are not being fed high quality food. You cannot feed them the cheap junk, buy royal canin or hills science diet. The food may be more expensive but they need to eat less of it, and they absorb it much better, so their poop is less, and much less pungent. Also, you have to clean out their litterbox more often, if there’s a smell, the cats aren’t responsible for poor hygiene, the people are. Get a little garden shovel and throw the poop away EVERY DAY! Replace their litterbox gravel at least once a week, and probably every few days with that many kitties. Use the absorbent litter. A pregnant kitty has to have high quality food. Get the kittens to the vet as soon as they are born and get them vaccinated. Be responsible.

  2. Joann says:

    My female cat is 20 and has always peed by spraying backward, like a male cat. She has started peeing everywhere in the “kitty” room and I don’t know how to get her to always use the litter box. The vet says she may have dementia, which is all well and good, but it doesn’t help my hardwood floor. She seems to pee and now poop wherever she feels like it. She has arthritis pretty bad in her back legs and sometimes her legs give out and that’s when she poops. I would like to find some suggestions to help her go in the litter boxes (there are 2).

    • jayebe says:

      I’ve had the same problem with an old cat. The solution is to change your litter box. She’s too old to squat, so give her a litter box with very high sides. I used a 20 gal. plastic storage box. Cut an opening about half way up the side of the box, in the corner on the long side. You want her to have to turn around before she pees, and if you use the short side, she may just walk in and pee right out the door. Use your same litter, but don’t make it too deep. The trick is, you want the wall of the box to be too high for her to spray over the side. Remember, she’s old and she needs help and understanding. Don’t scold her or try to punish her. She’s doing the best she can!

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