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  1. Pet advice says:

    Heres advice

  2. Judie says:

    My son found out that his soon to be ex has one (she has 3 cats) of her cats litter boxes in his 6 year old daughters bedroom! He is furious and has insisted that it be removed immediately. She said there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t affect, and won’t affect, their daughters health. We can’t believe that anyone would put a litter box in a childs bedroom! Her house “stinks” of cat odors and she lets all the litter boxes get full before she cleans them, however, she “claims” that she cleans them daily! Can you give some information regarding future health issues for the 6 year old? Any in formation would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jaymes says:

      This is a touchy sjeubct. Your pet cannot communicate to you to tell you what is happening. You should have your cat checked out by someone else to get a second opinion. Keep a close eye on her. Plus you can contact your local ASPCA to see if they have more information regarding this vet or what to do.

  3. Gina says:

    Hi, I have 2 female cats whom I rescued from a shelter a year ago, they’re mum and daughter both adults.
    The mum settled in immediatly, used the litter tray straight away, the daughter on the other hand was very
    timid (she still is quite jumpy) anyway, she has a tendancy to wee on plastic bags, in the bath tub, behind curtains and the
    Corner of my sitting room where I actually had to throw out my rug as I didn’t know at first she was doing
    it. Anyway I have been staying at my mums this past week and im sooo paranoid that she may have peed on
    mine or my son’s bed, What if it’s dried and I wouldn’t know? Obviously il wash the bed sheets but what about the actual duvet? Would I see the pee? Im pissed off because I like things to be clean…also I could try keeping the bedroom doors shut but would that stress her out and make her pee more? She loves our rooms. My sister in law gave me some expensive feline spray she had used with her cat, that you spray in area’s where they pee. This didn’t work for me….Im really paranoid please help me.

  4. manny says:

    hi i have friend who has a child and both live with her mother the mother owns 3 cats and niether can afford cat litter often enough the mother refuses 2 get rid of the cats and my fruends kid always is sick when u step into the house all u can smell is urine its wicked bad should i be a good friend and call aminal control and have cats removed 4 the wellness of the kid and the cats

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